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Appointment & fee information

Please find helpful information for new and current patients about appointment lengths and bookings, what to bring to your appointment, bulk billing and related fees for non-bulk billing patients.

North Coburg Medical Centre is a QPA accredited practice.

QPA Accreditation means that our practice meets strict standards set by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP), acknowledging our commitment to quality general practice patient care.

Patient Information Brochure

Download our patient information brochure

Our patient information brochure contains useful information about appointment bookings, what to bring, opening hours, results, pathology, privacy as well as a host of other helpful information.

Please note – Information in the brochure is subject to change.

Download Practice Information Brochure (PDF 71kB).


Do you need a standard or long appointment?

How long will you need for your appointment with your doctor:

  • If you have one medical issue to discuss with your doctor, please book a standard appointment.
  • If you have two medical issues to discuss with your doctor please book a long appointment.
  • For small procedures and pap smears please book a long appointment.
  • We’re happy to see more than one family member, please book an appointment for each person.

If you are unsure about which appointment length you should book, contact our friendly reception staff on (03) 9354 1186

Appointment bookings

To book a doctors appointment, you may either call or book online:

Urgent appointments & emergencies –  Please call ‘000‘ if you require urgent medical assistance.

After hours care – Call DoctorDoctor 13 26 60.

What do you need for your appointment

Please remember to bring to your appointment:

  • Your Medicare, DVA, Seniors or Concession Card
  • List of any medications or allergies or recent test results
  • New patients – Arrive 10 minutes early to fill in a new patient and medical history form.

This information allows our staff to better asses your medical needs and provide you with the most appropriate medical advice and treatment.

Fee information

Our fees maybe subject to change, please enquire with staff when booking your appointment. Please access the buttons below for details regarding our new fee structure:

Mixed billing – 1st December 2022

Why have we transitioned to a mixed billing medical practice – Medicare rebates are not keeping up with the ever increasing costs to run a medical practice including wages, electricity and other business overheads. Bulk Billing payments to the practice from the government no longer cover the costs of seeing your doctor for a medical consultation.

In order to stay open and maintain our high standards of medical care, some patients will be charged an out of pocket fee – See tables below.

Patients experiencing financial difficulties should speak with the manager prior to booking an appointment.

*Bulk Billing is available – Conditions apply

We will continue to bulk bill the following:

  • Valid Concession Card Holders
  • Valid Pension Card Holders
  • Valid Health Care Card Holders
  • Ante-natal Visits
  • Children under the age of 16 with a valid Medicare Card
  • Applicable Health Assessments and Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Fees from 1st November 2023

Fees – Monday to Friday & Saturday before 1pm

Consultation lengthFeeMedicate rebateOut of pocket
Short (Item 3 – Less then 6 minutes)$38.20$18.95$19.25
Standard (Item 23 – 6 to 19 minutes)$69.75$41.40$28.35
Long (Item 36 – 20 to 39 minutes)$116.95$80.10$36.85
Prolonged (Item 44 – 40 – 59 minutes)$173.30$118.00$55.30

All enquiries and appointments call or book online:

Saturday after 1pm & Public Holidays

Consultation lengthFeeMedicate rebateOut of pocket
Short (Less then 10 minutes)$60.65$30.65$30.00
Standard (11 to 20 minutes)$91.80$51.80$40.00
Long (21 to 30 minutes)$138.80$88.80$50.00
Prolonged (31 minutes +)$184.50$124.50$60.00

Telehealth Consultations – Telephone & Video

Telehealth consultation lengthFeeMedicate rebateOut of pocket
Standard (Less then 20 minutes)$69.75$39.75$30.00

Charge for medical consumables – 29th November 2022

From 1st November 2022 there we will be a charge for various consumables used in your treatment please check with reception for a list of fees – See below for a brief summary:

DescriptionFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Implanon Insertion$60.00$37.65$22.35
Implanon Removal$120.00$64.20$55.80
Urine Pregnancy Test$25.00$10.15$14.85
Accupuncture – Less than 20min $60.00$39.15$20.85
Accupuncture – More than 20min$100.00$75.80$24.20
Accupuncture – More than 40 min$130.00$111.60$19.00
Ear Syringing$20.00 Nil$20.00
Punch or Shave Biopsy$80.00 $46.95$33.05
Plaster for Fracture$20.00 Nil$20.00
Plaster for Fracture – Fibreglass$35.00 Nil$35.00
Removal of Plaster$10.00 Nil$10.00
Wound Care – Simple Dressing (Sml/Med)$10.00 Nil$10.00
Wound Care – Complex Dressing$20.00 Nil$20.00
Would Care – Specialised Dressing TBD$ TBD Nil
Cryotherapy – Liquid Nitrogen$10.00 Nil$10.00
Iron Infusion$175.00Nil$175.00
Mole Mapping$ TBDNil
PRP – One Joint $220 (Additional Joint $60)$ TBDNil
Repair on Body (Less than 7cm – Superficial)$96.95$46.95$50.00
Repair on Body (More than 7cm – Deep)$140.90$80.90$60.00
Face/Neck (Less than 7cm – Superficial)$124.10$74.10$50.00
Face/Neck (More than 7cm – Deep)$155.70$105.70$50.00
Body (Less than 7cm – Superficial)$140.90$80.90$60.00
Face/Neck (Less than 7cm – Superficial)$170.70$105.70$65.00
Drainage of Abscess$74.60$54.60$20.00
Removal of Foreign Body$51.15$21.15$30.00


WorkCover fees are in accordance with WorkCover schedules. Insurance consultations are charged at WorkCover rates. Consultations relating to employment are charged at the WorkCover rate. Please ask our friendly reception staff for details.

Claiming your Medicate Rebate

If you have a Medicare Card, Medicare will refund you a proportion of your appointment fee (Medicare Rebate) and the remaining amount will be your out-of-pocket cost.

Medicare rebates are available for most medical services and can be deposited into your bank account at the time of payment if you have a savings or cheque account. Alternatively, your Medicare rebate will be transmitted directly to Medicare, where the rebate will be reimbursed to your nominated bank.

Paying your account

Please pay your account at the conclusion of your appointment. You can conveniently pay by:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

We are then able to process your Medicare claim and provide the rebate back to your bank account using our Medclaim system.

Students and overseas visitors – We accept BUPA and NIB if you are insured privately and covered accordingly by your policy.

All enquiries and appointments call or book online:


Bulk Billing Doctors’ appointments at North Coburg Medical Centre are available to valid Medicare, DVA, Pension and Concession Card holders. We are open 6 days a week. Our doctors see patients from all over Melbourne including North Coburg, Coburg, Pascoe Vale, Hadfield, Fawkner, Reservoir, Thornbury, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Pascoe Vale South, Essendon, Strathmore, Glenroy, Thomastown and Kingsbury .